Business for Good


We Donate 3% of Sales to Charity

At Blue Tag Office in Surrey, BC we believe that business should be a force for creating social change that benefits everyone, not just a few.  That’s why donates 3% of our office furniture sales directly to charity.

We support charities that focus specifically on providing the essentials of life… Water, Food & Shelter.  Blue Tag donates a percentage of ALL SALES as opposed to a percentage of profits.  Which means our charities get paid a percentage off the top, just like a sales executive.

With Blue Tag the community charity jumps from the bottom of the priority list, to the top.

We are part of a growing movement of Entrepreneurs and CEO’s that understand the benefit of leading by example and using business as a force for good.

The world is realizing that the old model of maximizing profits in a race to the top only serves to isolate those that benefit and impoverish those that don’t. When companies give back to the communities that support them, everyone wins.

Below are a list of the charities we proudly support:

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